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ScentIQ Atomic Boot by Rocky

Rocky Athletic Mobility Ultralight Level 1 Boot

  • SuperFabric® upper
  • Ultralight Level 1 for warmer environments or rigorous physical activities
  • Lightweight rubber outsole
  • SIQ Atomic fuses scent control and advanced moisture management technologies
  • Rocky Air-Port vented polyurethane cushion footbed - circulates air with every step

Whether you’re looking through the scope of your 30-06 rifle, or drawing back the strings of your crossbow, your intention is to lay your hands on a wild animal by the end of the day. To help you have the best possible hunting season, you should wear these Rocky Athletic Mobility ULTRALIGHT L1 Outdoor Boots (#4779). These high-quality hunting boots are lightweight, breathable and deliver unbeatable scent control.

A cape may come to mind when you first hear about the SuperFabric® upper. This fabric is extremely durable, it offers resistance to abrasions (perfect for the woods), its breathability is ideal while you are exerting yourself physically, and it is particularly lightweight. Since these boots do not weigh more than one pound each, your movements will be swifter.

A true-to-life looking Mossy Oak Break-Up® Infinity™ camouflage print will help conceal your presence outdoors.

To avoid getting blisters and having terribly achy feet, it is crucial that your boots provide cushioning and ventilation, which is precisely what the Rocky Air-Port cushion footbed delivers. The air within your boots will circulate each time you step down. This feature makes these Rocky Athletic Mobility boots so comfortable, that you can carry on hunting and remain outdoors until the sun goes down.

What is one of the biggest factors that would prevent a hunter from capturing his prey? Regardless of what you’re hunting, if the wildlife detects your scent, they will avoid coming anywhere near you. Luckily for you, these Athletic Mobility boots will eliminate your scent and eradicate moisture, thanks to Rocky SIQ Atomic. Now if you don’t bring anything home, you’ll just have to blame the sun for being in your eyes… all day long.

Now, go get the “Big One” in these Rocky Athletic Mobility ULTRALIGHT Boots.

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Rocky Mobility Ultralight