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Rocky Prolight Snake Boots

Nobody wakes up in the morning and thinks “Oh gee, wouldn’t it be great if I got bit by a snake today.” Yet, when you spend time outdoors there is a possibility that you could encounter a dangerous reptile. These Rocky ProLight Boots (#1580) are a great option to keep you safe.

The upper of this 16-inch ProLight boot is constructed from durable nylon and full-grain leather, and features a genuine-looking Mossy Oak Break-Up® (MOBU) camouflage print. In general, no one really wants to come across venomous snakes, but as the old saying goes…it is better to be safe, than sorry. You’ll be kept safe with this boot’s snake proof fabric, which offers protection against most of the snakes in North America.

There is a side zipper that allows you to have easy access into and out of these Rocky ProLight boots.

A real advantage of wearing this ProLight boot is that your feet are guaranteed to remain dry, because of the Rocky waterproof construction.

Even as you walk on uneven terrain, the ProLight BioMech outsole will provide these boots with traction.

You could correlate these ProLight boots to flood insurance. You may live on the top of a hill and never use it, but in the chance that it would happen… you’ll certainly be glad that you are protected.

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Rocky Prolight Snake Boots